The first dance is such an iconic part of a wedding, it’s where the couple has the first opportunity to have a dance floor all to themselves. The groom gets to sweep his bride off her feet and lead her across the floor with twists, turns, and dips. The couple gets to forget about everything else from the day and simply focus on who they are holding in their arms. This first dance was extra special for Mike and Emily. When Mike and Emily first started talking about marriage, Mike made a note to himself that he wanted to dance to the song “Gone Gone Gone” by Phillip Phillips, on their wedding day. What an incredible dream that came true!  While the couple was dining in downtown Lacrosse, they came across Phillip Phillips and asked him to come to their reception after the show he was performing that Saturday night. While it may seem hard to believe, Phillip Phillips showed up at their reception to perform his song “Gone Gone Gone” live!!  We are so thankful to have been a part of this memory, to have captured it on film for years down the road. The wedding took place at the Lacrosse Center in Lacrosse, Wisconsin and was certainly beautiful! A special thanks to Sarah Schultz Photography for working with us and capturing the moments in still photos. (Aug 27, 2015)