I had the pleasure of filming my first Indian wedding and was that an experience! The dress attire for everyone was so colorful and looked like the inside of a bag of skittles. Zainab was stunning. Her red outfit went perfectly with her skin color, eyes and hair; her smile can capture the attention of the whole room, including the attention of her new husband, Zubair. The couple was so comfortable with each other and just ready to celebrate their wedding and new life together. We spent two days filming the ceremony and the reception up in Minneapolis. The ceremony took place at the Shoreview Community Center while the reception was the following day at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest hotel. There were roses decorating the ballroom and the lights dimmed low. I hope for the best possible future for the two of you and just want to thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such a special day. (Aug 24, 2015)