It’s always fun to film a wedding of people who you know and are friends with. While I hadn’t yet met Beau (on the left), I have known Justin (right) for a couple of years. Neither of them were married that day, but their friendship goes back to when they were just little boys running out in country fields with no cares in the world. Both Justin and Beau are great friends with the Bride, Ashley – who I know Justin through. What a fun, and goofy pair of ushers! :^) They kept the smiles flowing and were enjoying watching their long time best friend marry her spouse. Justin as you can see is characteristically tall, which is a funny combo when you pair him with Beau, who is obviously the shorter of the two. Thanks for all the laughs and I hope that one day you two gentlemen will find a the girl of your dreams! (Sep 2, 2015)