Since 2005 we have been filming 100’s of wedding videos all over the midwest.  Our main service area is LaCrosse, WI; Winona, MN; Rochester, MN; Minneapolis, MN; and Eau Claire, WI.  We used to be under the name of Media Works Productions but that site was getting cluttered with all of our corporate video production we do during the week.

Over the years of filming and see the change of styles and creativity we want to be on the leading edge of quality and style.  Our new camera systems are crazy how awesome the quality we are now producing.  Not that it wasn’t good before, we are just taking it to the next level!

We can promise you will not be disappointed with our quality.  Our camera systems are so advance and expensive,  we can even shoot your wedding in 4k quality!  4x the size of regular 1080 hd quality.

If you are looking for wedding videography service in LaCrosse, Winona, Rochester, Minneapolis or Eau Claire please give us a call and we can send you some sample videos. (Sep 26, 2014)