Brock and Mindy. What a caring couple you two are. The people who attended your wedding made that very evident and I got that sense the longer I was in your presence. I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding that had that many cute little kids running around having fun and it was a treat to be able to capture some of them on camera. There was a fun kids station set up where they were able to create pirate hats and fun face masks, I was tempted more than once to join them. The Somerby Golf Club in Byron, Minnesota was where the reception was held. The venue was simple and elegant with the little tea lights decorating each table as well as the big white flowers arranged in with tree branches and baby’s breath flowers. The room paled in comparison though to the two of you and how stunning of a couple you are. I hope that you two make your love last well into eternity and spent it caring and serving one another with willing hearts. Congratulations!! (Nov 25, 2015)