A little sneak peak at Sarah and Reggie’s Wedding Day! Wedding Day Films was asked to do the videography for Sarah and Reggie as they tied the knot in Waukon, Iowa. Sarah was a vision in white, and her dress was one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever laid eyes on. While Reggie was a man of few words, you could tell he adores Sarah and was willing to go along with all the different photo opts throughout the day. The entire day was just a dream. The reception was held at the Waukon Banquet Center in Waukon, Iowa, with streams of lights reminding Sarah of Bella and Edwards wedding from the Twilight series. The photographer, Thea Rentschler of Milestone Portraits by Thea was so easy to work with and I enjoyed her company. She captured the best moments from the day, as well as everything in between. I was so happy to have been a part of your special day and I hope you two continue to live your married life out in service to one another, choosing to love when it’s hard, and enjoying it when it’s easy. (Jan 13, 2016)