There is nothing better than meeting a couple whose love is so evident. In Rosemount, Minnesota, Shiloh at Wedding Day Films found just that. It is so sweet to see the way Sarah and Adam look at each other; you could see the passion glittering off their eyes. They each come from two separate worlds, but found their way to each other. Sarah is Minnesota born and raised, but went off to adventure in Oregon as a eye doctor, while Adam is from the South in Kentucky, and also worked his way out to Oregon where the two love birds first met. I couldn’t have been happier filming their wedding, getting to know the wedding party and feeling like the day was a magical one spent with the most loveliest of people. We spent their reception at Glenhaven Event center, enjoyed a popcorn bar and some of the tastiest cupcakes I’ve ever eaten in my life from CakeWal. Absolutely LOVED the bubbles that fell from the ceiling during their first dance. <3 I hope the two of you treat each other with kindness and respect and live a long, passion filled life together as a married couple. Congratulations! (July 14th, 2016)