We specialized in and offer two wedding video styles. You’re able to choose between Cinematic Wedding Videography and Documentary Wedding Videography style. In each videography style we work to capture those little details and special moments throughout the day because your wedding day is a once in a life-time moment with your wife or husband, as well as with your close family and friends. We strive to capture these priceless moments so you can go back and reminisce on your wedding day after time has passed. There are going to be parts of your wedding day that you may forget along the way, and we want to be there, capturing those laughs, tears and crazy dance moves, which allows you to reminisce years down the road. Let our team of qualified videographers walk you through each of the wedding videography styles our wedding videographers in Minnesota specialized at.

If you’re looking for a wedding video that you are going to want to watch over and over again, this is definitely the style for you. We can bring in our ariel helicopter to capture parts of your day, and our high end video cameras will help create the movie of a lifetime. It’ll be like you’re watching your wedding in a movie theater, with crisp quality and awesome audio. Our goal is to help share your day with friends and loved ones, for those who were able to attend and for those who weren’t able to attend. You can choose between one videographer or two. The benefit with having two is the various shots each videographer can get. There is a lot going on throughout the day, and as we can all understand, you can only be in so many places at once. We want to help capture every special moment for you and your fiance and by having two videographers, we are able to do that on a much grander scale.

If you have any questions related to the type of wedding video services we offer, feel free to call us at 800-507-9913 or email as at Our services are available in Rochester MN, Winona MN, Minneapolis MN, LaCrosse WI amd Eau Claire WI. We do travel upon request! (Jan 6, 2015)