Stephanie & Justin's Wedding in Lacrosse

Reminiscing on beautiful days full of love spent at the Court Above Main in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Stephanie and Justin are such a remarkable couple whose love is so captivating. It was a wonderful ceremony where family and friends from all over joined together to celebrate these two love birds. The reception was at the Radisson Hotel just down the road. We are so thankful to have been able to capture their day on video and we loved every second of it. (November 16th, 2016)

Caitlin & Sam's Wedding Videography in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Caitlin & Sam. Doing videography for your wedding was a blast, and we wish the day didn’t have to come to an end. They are most fun loving couple I’ve come across thus far. Caitlin has the most contagious smile and you can’t help but giggle when you’re around her. I can definitely see why Sam fell so hard for this gal, as she is a kind, caring, and passionate girl! Congratulations to the two of you and may your marriage be everlasting, full of laughter and love for each other. Working with kate bentley photography was a blast, and we love her style of photos. Eau Claire, Wisconsin provided a great venue for the ceremony at Owen Park, the bandshell was the perfect spot and the reception was held at the Wild Ridge and Mill Run Golf Course. The sunset was absolutely stunning and a PERFECT way to end the evening of celebration. (July 29th, 2016)

Sarah & Adam's Wedding Videography in Rosemount, Minnesota

There is nothing better than meeting a couple whose love is so evident. In Rosemount, Minnesota, Shiloh at Wedding Day Films found just that. It is so sweet to see the way Sarah and Adam look at each other; you could see the passion glittering off their eyes. They each come from two separate worlds, but found their way to each other. Sarah is Minnesota born and raised, but went off to adventure in Oregon as a eye doctor, while Adam is from the South in Kentucky, and also worked his way out to Oregon where the two love birds first met. I couldn’t have been happier filming their wedding, getting to know the wedding party and feeling like the day was a magical one spent with the most loveliest of people. We spent their reception at Glenhaven Event center, enjoyed a popcorn bar and some of the tastiest cupcakes I’ve ever eaten in my life from CakeWal. Absolutely LOVED the bubbles that fell from the ceiling during their first dance. <3 I hope the two of you treat each other with kindness and respect and live a long, passion filled life together as a married couple. Congratulations! (July 14th, 2016)

Krista and Kevin's Wedding Videography in Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Krista and Kevin. A fun, loving, and caring couple. Krista has a family tradition where at every birthday growing up, the one who has the birthday gets a cake of their choice and smashes their face into it, so, naturally she carried that tradition into her wedding day with Kevin. I’m thinking I may have to start that tradition with my own family one day! We spent their wedding day in Lacrosse, Wisconsin and the reception was at the Waterfront down by the Riverside. It was beautifully decorated with yellow flowers and filled with friends and family. Jordana Snyder Photography is always a blast to work with and takes stunning photos!! Congratulations you two! May you have many more anniversaries to come fill with more cake in the face. (July 12th, 2016)

Becky & Jon's Wedding in Eau Claire, Wisconsin 

It’s hard to take a bad video when the couple you’re working with is so photogenic! Rebecca, you are one GORGEOUS bride and your groom Jonathan is as handsome as they come. The day felt like a fairy tale at The Florian Gardens in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, outside of the rain for a brief period of the afternoon the day turned out to be incredibly perfect. I think we can all agree the rain helped make the greens greener and the love sweeter. (June 30th, 2016)

Jonna & Carson's Wedding in Decorah, Iowa

A beautiful spring day for wonderful wedding videography in Decorah, Iowa. Jonna – you have one of the most beautiful smiles and I love the way it shows when you and Carson are near each other. The looks you two give each other just radiate love! Congratulations and I’m so happy to have been a part of the memory!! The ceremony was at the First Lutheran Church in town and then we found our way over to the Oneota Golf & Country Club for the reception. Jonna and Carson had the cutest table decorations filled with books for guests to skim through and used photos of their childhoods to represent table numbers. Absolutely LOVED her bouquet and the colors incorporated into it. (Jun 28, 2016)

Megan & Kyle's Wedding in Winona, Minnesota

We had the pleasure of doing wedding videography for Megan and Kyle this past weekend in Winona, Minnesota at the Westfield Golf Course and what a fun couple they were! Megan’s dress was absolutely stunning and they were such an easy couple to hang out with. I think they should get married every weekend so I can always have that much fun  Here’s a little sneak peek to their day and all the fun we had! (Jun 23, 2016)

Winter Wedding Videography in Lacrosse Wisconsin

Another beautiful wedding we here at Wedding Day Films were able to be a part of and had the pleasure of doing wedding videography on New Year’s Eve for Allison and Jared. Allison and Jared were one of the most genuine and laughable couples we’ve worked with. Throughout the entire day, Allison couldn’t help but keep a huge smile on her face. She reminded me of a snow princess, in her absolutely gorgeous white gown, which paired so well with her ultra blonde hair and intense blue eyes. One of my favorite aspects of the grooms attire were their Budweiser socks! While it may have been a bit chilly on NYE of 2015, that didn’t stop Allison and Jared from braving the cold to get those adored outdoor snow pictures. Both the ceremony and reception were held at the La Crosse Center Ballroom in La Crosse, Wisconsin, with cute winter themed decor and the fun lasted well into the evening. They went out and took some seriously adorable pictures together at the Rotary Lights down by the Mississippi River and were in high spirits the entire time. Congratulations to the both of you and we hope you have many more New Years Eve’s filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever Afters. (Jan 27, 2016)

Sarah and Reggies Wedding Videography in Waukon, Iowa


A little sneak peak at Sarah and Reggie’s Wedding Day! Wedding Day Films was asked to do the videography for Sarah and Reggie as they tied the knot in Waukon, Iowa. Sarah was a vision in white, and her dress was one of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever laid eyes on. While Reggie was a man of few words, you could tell he adores Sarah and was willing to go along with all the different photo opts throughout the day. The entire day was just a dream. The reception was held at the Waukon Banquet Center in Waukon, Iowa, with streams of lights reminding Sarah of Bella and Edwards wedding from the Twilight series. The photographer, Thea Rentschler of Milestone Portraits by Thea was so easy to work with and I enjoyed her company. She captured the best moments from the day, as well as everything in between. I was so happy to have been a part of your special day and I hope you two continue to live your married life out in service to one another, choosing to love when it’s hard, and enjoying it when it’s easy. (Jan 13, 2016)

Megan and Kjetil's Highlight Video in Lacrosse, Wisconsin

Megan and Kjetil. You two are such a dedicated couple and it’s very inspiring to see the way your love for each other has flourished. Spending only a total of 400 days together over the past 10 years and continuing to love each other through the distance is incredible! I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to see each other for only a few days at a time and then have to leave again knowing you won’t be together again for who knows how long. Your wedding was such a special day and filled with so many friends and family who have been there to support you throughout the years. The reception at the The Waterfront, Lacrosse W was so well put together with the roses, the travel decorations, the live band — everything was perfect. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a memorable day!! (Dec 14, 2015)

Somerby Golf Club Wedding in Byron, Minnesota

Brock and Mindy. What a caring couple you two are. The people who attended your wedding made that very evident and I got that sense the longer I was in your presence. I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding that had that many cute little kids running around having fun and it was a treat to be able to capture some of them on camera. There was a fun kids station set up where they were able to create pirate hats and fun face masks, I was tempted more than once to join them. The Somerby Golf Club in Byron, Minnesota was where the reception was held. The venue was simple and elegant with the little tea lights decorating each table as well as the big white flowers arranged in with tree branches and baby’s breath flowers. The room paled in comparison though to the two of you and how stunning of a couple you are. I hope that you two make your love last well into eternity and spent it caring and serving one another with willing hearts. Congratulations!! (Nov 25, 2015)

Jaci and Karl's Wedding in Winona, MN

Congratulations to these two love birds! Jaci and Karl it was such a pleasure to work with you. I think Karl made it VERY clear how much he loves Jaci and how lucky he is to have a girl like her as his wife. Jaci’s feelings for him were shown right back through laughter, kisses and hugs. There ceremony was held at the beautiful Basilica of Saint Stanislaus Kostka in Winona, Minnesota, with the pews full of family and loved ones. After the ceremony we ventured out to the Hilltop Bar & Ballroom in Fountain City, Wisconsin for the reception. The room was decorated with handmade floral arrangements, a candy bar, and many adorable cupcakes. Towards the end of the evening we stepped outside and enjoyed the Wisconsin sunset and danced the rest of the night away. It was a perfect day and may the two of you continue on your journey of marriage with hearts full of love and joy and room for more children! (Oct 28, 2015)

Mike & Lindsay's Wedding in Pepin, Wisconsin 

Being a part of Mike and Lindsay’s wedding was something special. It’s so clear in the way that they look at each other how their love is genuine. Watching them interact and Mike’s patience with his bride running (only a few) minutes late for the first look was endearing. It’s so clear they love each other and I was so happy to have been able to capture each special moment. The wedding reception was at Villa Bellezza Winery & Vineyards in Pepin, Wisconsin in their gorgeous reception hall while the ceremony took place in Wabasha, Minnesot.  The floral arrangements were AMAZING and Lindsay is the definition of a vision in white. Her lace dress with it’s open back was stunning! Congratulations to the two of you, may your marriage be long and full, your time together never get old and may you cherish each moment as a couple. (Oct 26, 2015)

University of Wisconsin Lacrosse Marching Band Serenade

The University of Wisconsin Lacrosse had a football game against University of Wisconsin Eau Claire this past Saturday afternoon. While Jordana Snyder Photography and I were at the UWL Campus under the clock tower, we saw the UWL marching band passing by and thought what a fun opportunity to get a little picture/video of the marching band with the Megan and Kjetil, who are UWL graduates. Little did we know that the marching band would soon break out into a musical number and serenade the couple! It was so fun to see the band and cheerleaders excited for the newlyweds! A BIG thank you to the band and the cheerleaders for putting on such a fun performance. It is definitely something we will never forget! (Oct 14, 2015)

Mikaela & Dan's Sneak Peak

Dan and Mikaela. I’m SO SO incredibly happy for you two and was honored to have been able to be part of your day. You two have known each other for quite the amount of time and “at last” you have tied the knot. May your marriage be centered around Christ and His undeniable love, may you two serve each other with willing hearts and always put each others desires before your own. Enjoy the honeymoon to the Smokey Mountains!! (Sep 30, 2015)

Fallon and Alex's Wedding Highlight Video- Winona Minnesota

Fallon and Alex were married in May of 2015 in Winona, Minnesota and are the sweetest couple. The smiles they had were on their face were all day long and I hope that their smiles may continue to play across their lips well until their old age. It’s a beautiful thing when you can see the love between a couple shine so bright and evident. Knowing that love is a choice, and life may not always be easy, I’m confident Fallon and Alex will stick it through both the good and the bad. They took pictures around the Winona area, going to the Minnesota Marine Art Museum to get a taste of the beautiful floral backgrounds and had their reception at Signatures Golf Course. It was a very special day and we were so fortunate to be able to be a part of it all. Congratulations to you two. (Sep 15, 2015)

Kate & Jakes Highlight Video


Kate & Jake were an awesome couple to work with! We’ve worked with Kate over the years through the Waterfront in Lacrosse, Wisconsin and have always had a great relationship with her. It was an honor for us to have been a part of her wedding day with Jake. Though it was incredibly hot out that particular day, their love for each other was just as much a flame. You can see it in the way that they look at each other, nothing else in the world matters. Congratulations you two! :^) And also, a shoutout to Jordana Synder Photography for working along side with us! (Sep 9, 2015)

The First Look

What is more magical than seeing your bride/groom for the first time on your wedding day? Dressed beautifully in a fitted gown and the groom in his new DC shoes bought for him by his bride, this moment was such a special one to capture on film. We were hanging out in Lacrosse, Wisconsin with Jordana Snyder Photography filming Kate and Jake’s wedding. Their love for each other is so apparent, while Jake is patient and kind, Kate was chatty and gorgeous! We had an absolute blast being with them on their special day. Kate and I have a great relationship through the Waterfront restaurant in Lacrosse and she is a fantastic event planner. Congratulations to you, Kate and Jake, on tying the knot and may you continue to look at each other the way you did at this moment. (Sep 8, 2015)

Ashley & Jordon's Wedding in Richland Center, Wisconsin 

There are so many beautiful aspects to a wedding day. Flowers, the rings, the BRIDE and the groom, smiles from friends and family shining everywhere you go. It all wraps together into moments that are unforgetable in one of the most important days of a married couples life. It’s where they were able to declare their love and commitment to each other, standing in front of a group of people, letting everyone know that they chose each other. I hope and pray that many couples out there remember that loving one another is a choice you need to make on a daily basis, it’s an everlasting covenant you made with your spouse the day you said “I do.” (Sep 3, 2015)

Wedding in Small Town Wisconsin


It’s always fun to film a wedding of people who you know and are friends with. While I hadn’t yet met Beau (on the left), I have known Justin (right) for a couple of years. Neither of them were married that day, but their friendship goes back to when they were just little boys running out in country fields with no cares in the world. Both Justin and Beau are great friends with the Bride, Ashley – who I know Justin through. What a fun, and goofy pair of ushers! :^) They kept the smiles flowing and were enjoying watching their long time best friend marry her spouse. Justin as you can see is characteristically tall, which is a funny combo when you pair him with Beau, who is obviously the shorter of the two. Thanks for all the laughs and I hope that one day you two gentlemen will find a the girl of your dreams! (Sep 2, 2015)

Phillip Phillips in Lacrosse Wisconsin

The first dance is such an iconic part of a wedding, it’s where the couple has the first opportunity to have a dance floor all to themselves. The groom gets to sweep his bride off her feet and lead her across the floor with twists, turns, and dips. The couple gets to forget about everything else from the day and simply focus on who they are holding in their arms. This first dance was extra special for Mike and Emily. When Mike and Emily first started talking about marriage, Mike made a note to himself that he wanted to dance to the song “Gone Gone Gone” by Phillip Phillips, on their wedding day. What an incredible dream that came true!  While the couple was dining in downtown Lacrosse, they came across Phillip Phillips and asked him to come to their reception after the show he was performing that Saturday night. While it may seem hard to believe, Phillip Phillips showed up at their reception to perform his song “Gone Gone Gone” live!!  We are so thankful to have been a part of this memory, to have captured it on film for years down the road. The wedding took place at the Lacrosse Center in Lacrosse, Wisconsin and was certainly beautiful! A special thanks to Sarah Schultz Photography for working with us and capturing the moments in still photos. (Aug 27, 2015)

Zainab and Zubair's Wedding in Minneapolis, Minnesota

I had the pleasure of filming my first Indian wedding and was that an experience! The dress attire for everyone was so colorful and looked like the inside of a bag of skittles. Zainab was stunning. Her red outfit went perfectly with her skin color, eyes and hair; her smile can capture the attention of the whole room, including the attention of her new husband, Zubair. The couple was so comfortable with each other and just ready to celebrate their wedding and new life together. We spent two days filming the ceremony and the reception up in Minneapolis. The ceremony took place at the Shoreview Community Center while the reception was the following day at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest hotel. There were roses decorating the ballroom and the lights dimmed low. I hope for the best possible future for the two of you and just want to thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of such a special day. (Aug 24, 2015)

Holly and Jim's Beautiful Wedding in Minneapolis


It’s always such a memorable time filming a couple who is so goofy and happy together. Holly and Jim met on eHarmony and that’s where their fairytale begins. As they continued to hang out and get to know each other more, they made their love and devotion to each other official by Jim popping the question. I had such a wonderful time filming their wedding at the Radisson Blu – Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minnesota! The venue was GORGEOUS, the wedding party was full of life and personality and working with Beau Peterson from Own Your Smile photography was a blast. The day couldn’t have gone more perfect with the gorgeous blue skies and slight breeze. Holly and Jim I hope that you continue to be the fun loving couple you were on your wedding day and that you may never tire of each other. (Aug 21, 2015)

Wedding Day Films Videography Video! PUMPED 

We are excited to share this video with you all! If you’re looking for a videographer in the Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin area, we are here for you. Our passion is capturing all the best moments throughout your special wedding day and in turn helping your relive the laughs, tears, and fun you had throughout the day.

Take a look at the video below for a preview of what our company is all about! (May 19, 2015)

The Wedding of Jen and Joey

This couple is so welcoming, funny, caring, goofy, kind, and so so much more! What a pleasure it was to be a part of their wedding day smile emoticon They had the unlikely love story that you don’t often hear; meeting and falling in love while in Vegas. Usually its the other way around right? Couples meet, fall in love, and then they get married in Las Vegas, but Jen and Joey were different. Meeting out there while Jen was at a Bachlorette party, and each coming from two different parts of the world, their lives interconnected. Joey is Maltese, but lived in Australia while Jen was from small town Iowa and living in Canada. After meeting and spending but a few short hours together over the weekend, each knew something was special about the other. As you can image, long distance relationships are tough, but both Jen and Joey knew that if they were going to work out, they needed to have faith and trust in one another, as well as their relationship together. After years of dating, Joey asked Jen to marry her and together they wed April 18th, 2015. Two families came together across the nations to celebrate love; the love Jen and Joey have for each other, and the eternal love they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

Thank you both for letting me be a part of such a wonderful image of love and I hope you two will spend the rest of your lives as fun and upbeat as your wedding day. (Apr 27, 2015)

Hello Spring

This little boy is just too cute not to share with everyone. He was the ring bearer for Daphne and Nate’s wedding from the summer of 2014 and was all smiles. This picture reminds me of what is soon on it’s way, first spring and then SUMMER! Which then in turn means it’s wedding season! Andy and I are getting really excited for wedding season to start, love is definitely in the air and we are excited to help capture those special moments at the weddings. (Mar 18, 2015)


Why Hire a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding date is soon approaching, you have all your big choices decided on, your dress, the location of the ceremony and reception, you have your cake, flowers and photographer, but you’re still missing something. Video. It’s an added cost, and many couples think to themselves, it video really necessary?

It may not be necessary, but it’s definitely an investment you aren’t going to regret by any means. A video captures moments from your wedding day that photography can’t. You can relive the first dance, you and your spouse feeding each other cake, and remember the first kiss you shared as a married couple. There is so much going on through out the day, so many little moments with parents, grandparents, and family and friends who traveled from afar to visit you on your special day and you wont’ be able to remember all those memories shared with them as time passes. That’s where the investment in a wedding video comes into play. We work with the photographer as to not miss any of the big moments throughout your day, but also blend in with your wedding party and guests, capturing candid shots, smiles, laughter, tears and so much more.

With a wedding video, you’ll be able to relive arguably the happiest day of your life over and over again. It’s a great reminder of what brought you and your spouse together in the first place; love. We hope your love for your lifelong partner never fades, and that you’ll continue to work through the trials and hardships that will come with every marriage. But what we hope for more is that you’ll never forget how happy you were on your wedding day, marrying your best friend and committing yourself to them forever and always.

A video can remind you of the emotions you were feeling that day. Being so in love, nothing else mattered. We would adore being a part of your special day and hope that you may considering a wedding videographer for your wedding. (Feb 24, 2015)

Michelle & Travis Highlight Film- St. Paul, MN

Michelle and Travis have my favorite love story yet. I enjoyed every moment spent filming their wedding and I hope that you all will enjoy the video we created! The theme for the wedding was feathers and pearls. Very simple and elegant. I rather much enjoyed the s’mores bar during the cold January night air as well. (Feb 23, 2015)

Michelle and Travis Tying the Knot

I spent this past Friday night filming the most beautiful love story. Travis wasn’t expecting to meet his future wife when he agreed to go over to his parents house for dinner one night. Michelle was out in Colorado visiting her best friend and agreed to attend the same dinner Travis found himself at. New Year’s Eve came and Travis stole a kiss from Michelle, and would soon steal her heart shortly after. They kept in touch through phone calls and Travis eventually found himself traveling out to Minnesota where he and Michelle would eventually start a life together. Their love story is so so beautiful and it had me in tears while filming. I am so grateful to have been able to been a part of their wedding day and am looking forward to editing their wedding video! :^)
Congratulations to the two of you and may you love for each other never fade and burn bright through the wind and the rains that may come. (Feb 2, 2015)

Megan and Corey's Highlight- Film


I had so much fun filming this wedding, particularly because Corey is my cousin. It was a blast hanging out with family and friends all day while filming. People seem so much more comfortable in front of a camera when they know it’s me behind the lens. The wedding took place in Fridley, MN, which is near by to where the Shoup’s have a home together with their two dogs. Megan and Corey are very personable and are so comfortable with each other. I was happy to have the opportunity to film their wedding day and I’m looking forward to having Megan as an addition to our family. Thanks for all the laughs that day! (Jan 19, 2015)

Cinematic Wedding Videography

We specialized in and offer two wedding video styles. You’re able to choose between Cinematic Wedding Videography and Documentary Wedding Videography style. In each videography style we work to capture those little details and special moments throughout the day because your wedding day is a once in a life-time moment with your wife or husband, as well as with your close family and friends. We strive to capture these priceless moments so you can go back and reminisce on your wedding day after time has passed. There are going to be parts of your wedding day that you may forget along the way, and we want to be there, capturing those laughs, tears and crazy dance moves, which allows you to reminisce years down the road. Let our team of qualified videographers walk you through each of the wedding videography styles our wedding videographers in Minnesota specialized at.

If you’re looking for a wedding video that you are going to want to watch over and over again, this is definitely the style for you. We can bring in our ariel helicopter to capture parts of your day, and our high end video cameras will help create the movie of a lifetime. It’ll be like you’re watching your wedding in a movie theater, with crisp quality and awesome audio. Our goal is to help share your day with friends and loved ones, for those who were able to attend and for those who weren’t able to attend. You can choose between one videographer or two. The benefit with having two is the various shots each videographer can get. There is a lot going on throughout the day, and as we can all understand, you can only be in so many places at once. We want to help capture every special moment for you and your fiance and by having two videographers, we are able to do that on a much grander scale.

If you have any questions related to the type of wedding video services we offer, feel free to call us at 800-507-9913 or email as at Our services are available in Rochester MN, Winona MN, Minneapolis MN, LaCrosse WI amd Eau Claire WI. We do travel upon request! (Jan 6, 2015)

Happy New Year

A year has come and gone and with it has passed many fun weddings and new changes for Wedding Day Films. We branched out from our parent company, Media Works Productions, earlier this year and have been rebranding ourselves ever since. It’s been an exciting time full of change and new beginnings for us!

We’ve also hired some new employees as well. Shiloh is our latest addition and she has caught on very quickly and absolutely loves filming and editing wedding videos. She’s had a lot of experience behind the camera and is comfortable in front of a crowd. Her personality is bubbly and personality, which is ideal for a wedding videographer.

We’ve also had new additions to our camera equipment, like our ariel helicopter and camera slider to help us create those fun and unique wedding highlight videos everyone loves to watch!

With another year under our belts, we are looking forward to what 2015 has to offer us! (Dec 30, 2014)

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’d like to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving today! Enjoy the time with family and friends. Overstuff yourself with turkey and pumpkin pie :^) Remember what you’re thankful for today, whether that be simply for time with loved ones, the beautiful winter weather, or a day off work. We have so much in this life to be thankful for and we hope and pray that you would take time to reflect all that you have been given.

Andy, Caesar and I wish you all well and we are thankful for the opportunity we have been able to share with each of the newlywed couples. We truly love filming your wedding and look forward to each time we get to spend with the bride, groom, wedding party, and their families. Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to see your love for one another flourish during your wedding day. (Nov 27, 2014)

Emily and Will's Wedding Highlight Film- La Crosse, WI

Emily and Will’s love and affection for each other is something really special. Will treats Emily like a princess, someone who is to be adored and cherished with such sweet love. You can tell by the way Will looks at Emily that his love is pure and true. They would be so caught up in each other, it seemed like no one else in the world mattered. It was a beautiful day to be had in La Crosse, WI with these two. Their reception took place at the Radisson Hotel and was decorated simply, yet elegantly. It was a blast watching Will and his groomsmen perform a karate dance as well, there was such talent and dedication! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day and we hope you two live happily ever after! (Nov 21, 2014)

Andrea and Derek's Wedding Highlight Film- Arcadia, WI

We had such a blast filming Andrea and Derek’s wedding video! Andrea looked like a princess in her gorgeous gown and Derek was just as handsome in his camo vest. The couple has been together since 2009 and have finally tied the knot. Derek made homemade wine for the reception, which was located at the Arcadia Lions Pavilion.  With four different flavors, a truck full of various kegs of beer and a food buffet line, the reception was ripe for the good times that were to come. They had Photobooth Entertainment there as well where the guests were able to take entertaining pictures all night long being their goofy selves. Their country vibe was well received and we had a wonderful time spending our day with them. Congratulations to the both of you on your new adventure in life! (Nov 17, 2014)

Sarah and Erich's Wedding Highlight Film- LaCrosse, WI

We had a great time with Sarah and Erich on their wedding day.  The colors and scenery at Elmaro Winery was amazing for the ceremony.

(Oct 17, 2014)

Kelsey and Adam's Wedding Highlight Film- Winona, MN

Congrats Kelsey and Adam on your wedding!  Ceremony took place in Rushford, MN with Reception in Winona, MN. (Oct 16, 2014)

All new website, same great videographers!

We hope everyone likes our new website, compared to our Media Works website that had a lot of information outside of our wedding videography service.  At Media Works, we do a lot of corporate projects during the week, so this allows us to keep things more organized with scheduling and editing of videos.   After 8 years of filming weddings, you would of thought we would of done this much sooner…… 

Since we spend crazy amounts of hours editing video, being organized is crucial along with huge backup systems to know that your video is safe. (Oct 16, 2014)

Welcome to Wedding Day Films- MN

Since 2005 we have been filming 100’s of wedding videos all over the midwest.  Our main service area is LaCrosse, WI; Winona, MN; Rochester, MN; Minneapolis, MN; and Eau Claire, WI.  We used to be under the name of Media Works Productions but that site was getting cluttered with all of our corporate video production we do during the week.

Over the years of filming and see the change of styles and creativity we want to be on the leading edge of quality and style.  Our new camera systems are crazy how awesome the quality we are now producing.  Not that it wasn’t good before, we are just taking it to the next level!

We can promise you will not be disappointed with our quality.  Our camera systems are so advance and expensive,  we can even shoot your wedding in 4k quality!  4x the size of regular 1080 hd quality.

If you are looking for wedding videography service in LaCrosse, Winona, Rochester, Minneapolis or Eau Claire please give us a call and we can send you some sample videos. (Sep 26, 2014)